Family Birth Center

Family Birth Center

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Comfort and security are some of the most important issues for people expecting a baby and they top our list, too. We want to make sure the birth of your baby is safe, comfortable and very special.

Personalized Service

The first step is to help you plan your birthing experience. Our doctors and nurses are ready to listen to your wishes and discuss your options. They are available to provide advice and guidance throughout your pregnancy. To get familiar with the surroundings where you’ll meet your child for the first time, we invite you to come for a guided tour of our Family Birth Center.
If you have concerns regarding you or your baby as you approach delivery, we have all of the resources you’ll need to address them. For example, if you think you’re in labor but are unsure, we can assess you and your baby at any time of day or night.

Complete Suite

We have 32 birthing suites, most of which are specifically designed for labor, delivery and recovery, so when it’s baby time, you may stay in the same room. Our labor-delivery rooms have special features like whirlpools and sleeper chairs to help ensure you have a positive experience. Learn who will attend the birth of your baby.
Advanced Care

Our nurses are trained to high standards so they are experts in labor and delivery. During labor, your nurse will monitor your and your baby’s responses continuously on our centralized monitoring system. The system is also connected to our clinics, so your doctor can continuously watch your progress. We have 24-hour anesthesia coverage, so you’ll have access to pain control options and an anesthesiologist will be available if an emergency cesarean section becomes necessary. If it is necessary, it is good to know there is an operating room right in the Family Birth Center, staffed and ready for an emergency situation.
Most people do not realize that 25 percent of babies born need additional care after delivery. At MeritCare, you and your baby have the advantage of being right next to our neonatal intensive care unit, where our team of board-certified neonatologists and staff provide the highest level of care available. MeritCare Family Birth Center is the only one in North Dakota with this level and depth of service.

You can rest assured that you and your baby will be safe while you’re here. The entire fourth floor of MeritCare Hospital is secured with a state-of-the-art infant abduction alarm system. Safety and security are a top priority.

Additional Services

We also offer several services to help you take the first baby steps into your life together.
Room service – You can order the food you want when you want it. Family members can also purchase additional food so you can all eat together. The Signature Cuisine Menu features breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items.
Mom-Baby Nursing Care – One nurse will be caring for both you and your baby.
Certified Lactation Consultants – If you have questions or concerns about breastfeeding, we’ll be here to provide guidance, advice and reassurance. Clinic appointments with Lactation Services are available at MeritCare Broadway and Children’s Southwest clinics in Fargo. For questions or to make an appointment, call them at (701) 234-5560.
Care After You Go Home – MeritCare’s goal is to provide every mother who delivers at MeritCare the opportunity to meet with a nurse after discharge to check their baby, have questions answered and get assistance with feeding issues. Pediatricians and lactation consultants will work together to monitor mother and baby in the clinic setting in the first weeks after delivery, and throughout the breast feeding experience.