Community Benefit

Our community-benefit contributions take several paths. We partner with others in community programs, collaborate with community service organizations, provide charity care, help ensure access to advanced medical technology, educate the public on safety and health issues, participate in medical education and more.

Community Benefit Philosophy

We are accountable to those we serve for the resources in our trust and for working in partnership with others to achieve shared goals in improving health and quality of life of our communities.
MeritCare’s Community Benefit Mission

We improve the health and quality of life of all people in the communities we serve by adding value through:
Extending MeritCare’s medical core into the community and beyond our internal network
Serving the poor, uninsured, underinsured, and other underserved groups
Addressing health needs identified by our communities
Facilitating partnership in the community to maximize resources and reduce duplication in addressing unmet health needs
Providing education for physicians and health professionals
Providing (health) education for consumers
Participating in research that improves patient care
Providing quality health care
Living a culture of caring
MeritCare’s Community Benefit Core Values

MeritCare Health System is viewed by its communities as a valued collaborative partner — a convener, a catalyst, and a positive force in improving the health and quality of life of those who reside in the communities that we serve. MeritCare’s community benefit approach is characterized by:
Making a sustainable, positive, measurable difference in improving health and quality of life
Being deliberate about providing equally accessible services for the “poor, infirm and underserved…”
Demonstrating respect and sensitivity in administering charity care (a.k.a. “Community Care”)
Being a trusted source of information about health
Being supportive and respectful of efforts outside of MeritCare; using MeritCare’s influence to leverage the good work of other organizations;
Being a trusted connector among community groups
Being a welcoming place for all people by understanding and addressing special needs of diverse populations
Being an advocate for health improvement, prevention, wellness, healthy lifestyles; healthy communities
In all the communities we serve, we do what we are best known for: help ill and injured people recover so they can return to their families, jobs and productive lives. Every day, we strive to use our resources wisely and for the benefit of all.